Badabulle Jungle Anti UV Tepee

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The Badabulle Jungle Anti UV Tepee is made of Anti-UV SPF 50+ fabric, which protects your child from the sun as they play, sleep, learn, or hide outside. Kids enjoy building dens, and now they can have one that can be used both indoors and out and takes only a few minutes to construct and dismantle.

The Tipi comes with foldable poles and Velcro for easy installation, as well as a soft mat to place inside. On one side, the mat is incredibly soft, while on the other, it is waterproof, protecting them from any moisture in the ground. The mat, which is one-metre square, can be utilised separately from the tipi. The tipi also has built-in ventilation to keep your child from overheating while playing.

Because the Tipi is 1m x 1m square and 1.2m high, there is plenty of area for friends and siblings to join in the fun! There are four pegs provided to secure the tipi to the ground, and a tote bag is also included to make it even more portable.

Key Features:

  • Sun protection fabric with an SPF of 50+
  • Use anyplace as it's portable
  • Setup and dismantling are both simple and fast
  • Easy assembly using foldable poles and Velcro
  • 4 ground pegs are included
  • A carrying bag is included

Recommended Age: Toddler

Dimensions: 29 x 54 x 11cm

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