Fiesta Crafts Big Bad Wolf & the Three Little Pigs Hand & Finger Puppet Set

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The Fiesta Crafts Big Bad Wolf & the Three Little Pigs Hand & Finger Puppet Set is a fantastic playset. This hand and finger puppet set has been expertly created to inspire even the wildest of imaginations in children who enjoy storytime. One giant hand puppet plays a pivotal figure in one of our most beloved children's stories, supplemented by a succession of embroidered fabric finger puppets to make the retelling of this classic fun and fully interactive. It's not only a fun toy for solo play but it's also designed to inspire role-playing with others, which boosts confidence and communication. After play, the finger puppets are kept in compartments on the hand puppet, making it simple to maintain the entire set in one area.

The hand puppet and finger puppet combo, which is beautifully built and intelligently created, is one of several available that will stimulate and entertain children, allowing them to repeat classic stories in their own, unique way.

Key Features:

  • Hand and finger puppet characters from well-known stories
  • Wolf is about 30cm long and has the ability to move his arms and head
  • Soft fabrics and embroidered details
  • Retell old stories and make up new ones
  • Develops creativity and communication abilities

Dimensions: 22 x 13 x 32cm

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