Fiesta Crafts Stickabouts Space

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The Fiesta Crafts Stickabouts Space is a fun, colourful toy. Children can let their imaginations run wild and enjoy hours of fun with Stickabouts Space. Designed to encourage creativity, the set comes complete with a themed play scene to set the scene and glue-free character stickers that they can use to create their own stories on the scenes or placed on smooth surfaces around the house. Best of all, you won't have the hassle of trying to remove residue that you get with conventional stickers for parents. Being glue free makes them a perfect travel toy too, and the stickers can be wiped with water and reused as many times as your children like. Stick them to the bath, fridge, floor, doors, bedroom furniture, or anywhere else with a smooth surface, then quickly and conveniently remove them, leaving no residue. Completely reusable, Stickabouts are long-lasting and provide endless play opportunities for younger children who enjoy storytelling or just decorating. Note that the playboard is not waterproof.

Product Features:

  • Create your own scene
  • Glue free
  • Use all over the home on different surfaces
  • Suitable for travel reusable

Dimensions: 25 x 1 x 44cm

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