Leapfrog Count Along Basket & Scanner

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With an interactive talking scanner, eight play foods, and a shopping basket that changes into a cart, the Leapfrog Count Along Basket & Scanner will keep small shoppers entertained. Let's go grocery shopping with the Count-Along Basket & Scanner, which comes with toy food, shopping lists, and an interactive scanner that detects each food item. Carry the shopping basket or convert it to a rolling cart. With eight-play meals in a range of food groups, colours, shapes, and numbers, you can shop until you drop. When scanned, the fish, carrots, strawberries, cake, bread, broccoli, and grapes display their amusing personalities through music and distinctive statements.

Are you ready to do a veggie dance? Let's get ready to "brocc" and roll! Scanning foods on shopping lists will allow you to participate in games like Food Group Feast and Shapes of the Day, which will provide you with motivational slogans and melodies. Learning is reinforced through three interactive play options. Scanning food in Learn mode will reveal the name, colour, and number printed on it. To scan items up to 10 times, go to Count mode and follow the scanner's instructions. Are you prepared to play a game? In-Game mode, the scanner provides food clues by name, number, colour, and shape. The basket holds the game components.

Key Features:

  • Each food item is recognised by the light-up talking scanner
  • Carry the shopping cart and expand it to make a rolling cart
  • There are eight different foods to play within a range of cuisine categories
  • Examine all of the things on the three shopping lists that are double-sided
  • Scan foods to hear the names, colours, and numbers printed on them
  • To practise counting, follow the scanner's instructions and scan foods up to 10 times
  • When playtime is over, place all of the play pieces in the basket
  • Colours, Counting, Numbers, Pretend Play, and Shapes are among the topics covered
  • The entire conversation is conducted in English

Recommended Age: 2-5 years

Dimensions: 31.5 x 17 x 24cm

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