Leapfrog Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle

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Every time a piece is placed or removed, the Leapfrog Interactive Wooden Animal Puzzle thrills kids with noises and learning phrases in English and Spanish. This puzzle is full of wonderful surprises thanks to its four interactive play options. Match the shape and colour border of six animal puzzle pieces. When children set or remove each piece in each mode, they will hear distinct answers. Animals mode includes animal names and noises, as well as colours and amusing facts. Count the objects concealed beneath the animals in Numbers mode. Under the blue parrot, there are three eggs!

With Spanish mode, you can extend your gaming time. Listen to Spanish words that are then repeated in English. Animal, colour, and number questions serve to reinforce the lesson. In Music mode, you can add musical notes and animal sounds to the background beats. When you take out all of the parts at once, you'll hear an animal symphony. Make a beeline for riddles! This product is constructed entirely of FSC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests. The plastic utilised in the production of its product is 90% reused.

Key Features:

  • Hear learning phrases and sounds when pieces are placed or removed
  • Add a piece to the puzzle to hear animal fun facts and animal sounds
  • Take a puzzle piece out to count the objects under each animal
  • Explore animal names and sounds, colours and animal fun facts
  • Count the objects hidden under the animals when you lift the pieces.
  • Listen to words in Spanish, then hear them repeated in English
  • Add musical notes and animal sounds to background beats
  • Respond to prompts and questions about colours, numbers and animals that reinforce the learning
  • Teaches: Animal Names, Animals, Counting, Fine Motor Skills, Numbers and Spanish
  • All speaking is in English

Recommended Age: 2+ years

Dimensions: 21.5 x 29 x 2cm

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