Leapfrog Preschool STEM Activity Book

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The Leapfrog Preschool STEM Activity Book is an interactive book that works with the LeapStart 3D, LeapStart, LeapStart Preschool, and LeapStart Primary School programmes. Help Leap, Lily, and other Letter Factory characters on a journey to make things work by using STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) abilities. Read simple graphs, experiment with trial and error, use tools to solve issues, and more are among the 16 preschool STEM skills taught.

Key Features:

  • In a world of robots, tools, and gadgets, join Leap and his companions
  • Create energy using wind or solar power, then save the day by supplying electricity to a football stadium
  • By "clipping" wires and "screwing in" screws, you can assist Professor Quigley in the construction of a sound machine
  • Using a flowchart and basic coding abilities, programme a sound machine to generate unique sounds
  • 40+ STEM activities that can be repeated
  • Observations, Problem Solving, Plants, Forces & Motion, and Teamwork are among the skills taught

Dimensions: 21.5 x 18.1 x 0.8cm

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