Madd Capp Puzzle - I Am Lil Sloth

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The Madd Capp Puzzle - I Am Lil Sloth is a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle in the shape of an animal for children five and up. Keep your cool. When completed, each 100-piece puzzle becomes a poster, and the individual parts are oversized for ease of handling. Each puzzle includes a fascinating knowledge insert as well as an animal image for reference.

Key Features:

  • 100-piece die-cut puzzle in a unique shape
  • A border in the shape of a Polar Bear is a one-of-a-kind design
  • A colourful insert with intriguing facts and a puzzle image reference is included
  • Arctic jigsaw puzzle for kids and adults in poster size

Recommended Age: 5 years+

Dimensions: 66 x 89cm

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