Aquadoodle Colour Doodle Bag

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The Aquadoodle Colour Doodle Bag is the ideal way to keep kids occupied while on the go, without the clutter that comes with paints, pens, or watercolours. Fill your Aquadoodle pen with regular tap water, then run the tip over the magic mat to see the colour materialise! Any water that does manage to escape the mat is clear. There's no mess, no stains, and nothing to be concerned about. The motifs fade away as the drawing dries, allowing the mat to be used again and again. This Aquadoodle Color Doodle Bag is made to go wherever you go. It may be used in the car, on the beach, or at Granny's house: colouring pleasure has never been easier. Simply refill the Aquadoodle pen with water when needed and go! Doodle on one side, then move to the other while your initial batch of doodles dries! This new design comes in two brilliant colours, pink and blue, so kids can pick their favourite. Additional pens are available for purchase separately.

Key Features:

  • The Colour Doodle Bag from Aquadoodle is full of mess-free amazing creative colouring fun for doodling on the go!
  • NEW design features two brilliant colours
  • Fill the Aquadoodle pen with water, run the tip over the mat and watch your drawings magically materialise
  • When the water has dried, the designs fade away, and it's time to start over!
  • There's no mess, no ink, and no stains!

Recommended Age: 18m+

By Tomy
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