Clippasafe DVD & DigiBox Protector

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The Clippasafe DVD & DigiBox Protector is designed to keep children away from sensitive electronic equipment's buttons. Control buttons on DVD players and digital television boxes might appeal to young toddlers who are eager to touch and press anything they can get their hands on! However, tinkering with such sensitive electrical equipment can be inconvenient whether you are watching a movie or have recently programmed the channels or set the recorder for your favourite show. More significantly, if your child or appliance is not protected, they may suffer harm. Our DVD & Digibox Protector will keep tiny hands away from your DVD player or digital receiver's controls. The front screen may be tilted upwards or removed completely once installed, allowing parents easy access to the buttons. The protection is adjustable to fit units ranging in width from 16cm to 43cm.

Key Features:

  • It aids in preventing your child from fiddling with sensitive electronic equipment's buttons
  • The front screen can be tilted upwards or removed entirely, allowing adults access to the controls once installed
  • Adjustable to fit units ranging in width from 16cm to 43cm
Barcode: 5015876021542