Fisher-Price Little People Sensory Farm

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The  Fisher-Price Little People Sensory Farm strives to provide the best possible care for all of its animals, and he would appreciate some assistance from your tiny farmer. Toddlers will enjoy learning how to care for all of their animal companions, from feeding the chickens to tucking the horse in with a warm blanket and discovering all of the farm's fun activities. To begin the adventure, hit the discovery button to unlock the stall doors and hear entertaining tunes and phrases. Alternatively, open the hayloft for more drop-through action with more noises and phrases! Then, using the discovery button, young farmers can "hatch" the chicks, rotate the corn crop (pop pop pop! ), and much more. This Little People playset is more than just a farm; it's also a home for all of your toddler's new pals. When it comes to development,

Sensory: From the bright colours, tunes, and sounds to the diversity of things for their tiny hands to explore, the farm offers loads of sensory-stimulating excitement for little ones!

Curiosity and Wonder: As toddlers learn how to engage with the farm, such as pressing the discovery button to hear delightful sounds and see the stall doors open, they'll notice how their actions can cause funny things to happen - a great introduction to cause and effect!

Emotions and Self-Expression: As children pretend to feed and care for the farm animals, they are learning what it is like to look after someone else.

Key Features:

  • Farmer Jed figurine and four animal figures (pig, chicken, horse, and cow with her calf) are included
  • To find amusing music, animal sounds, and words, press the discovery button
  • It also illuminates the room and opens the stall doors!
  • To "hatch" the chicks, press the second discovery button
  • Drop-through fun is available when you open the hayloft, which activates even more exciting sounds, tunes, and phrases!
  • Rotate the corn crop in the silo to hear amusing corn-popping sounds.
  • The light over the barn door is quite effective!
  • For dinnertime, ring the metal bell
  • The animals can be "fed," and the horse can be tucked in with a blanket
  • 2 AA batteries (included) are required

Recommended Age: 12m+

Dimensions: 61 x 14.5 x 41cm

Barcode: 0887961545326