Janod Happy Day Big Cooker

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The Janod Happy Day Big Cooker allows children to prepare tasty little dishes for their friends, just like mum and dad, and become a little chef!!! The all-wood Happy Day Cooker includes a clock, spoons peg, metal sink, 2 rotating buttons with noise, a LED cooktop that makes a sound (when you press on the red buttons once, you can turn on the lights of the induction hobs; when you press on the red buttons twice, you can hear the sound of boiling water. The light and sound turn off by themselves after 30 seconds or if you press a third time on the red buttons). 7 accessories including 1 metal spoon, 1 metal frying pan, 1 metal colander, 1 potholder and 3 cardboard food boxes. Just like a real kitchen, it features two dials with sound effects to turn on the two induction cookers, an oven and a cupboard with magnetic doors. Wood: MDF (printed parts), plywood (inner shelf), stainless steel (screws, sink). Height of the worktop: 50 cm

Product Features:

  • Imagine, invent and create.
  • Swap and share.
  • Musical product.
  • Glowing product.
  • Delivered un-assembled.


  • Clock
  • Spoon pegs
  • Metal sink
  • 3 rotating buttons
  • LED cooking top that lights up and makes a sound
  • Metal utensil
  • Metal frying pan
  • Metal colander
  • 3 cardboard food boxes

Age recommendation: 3 years+

Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 87cm

By Janod
Barcode: 3700217365646