Jumbo Colour Chameleon

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The Jumbo Color Chameleon is a game designed to help young children learn to recognise colours. In this game, the chameleons are wicked and have lost their spots! Can you assist them in relocating their spots?

This game is entirely built of recyclable materials. That's fantastic! Jumbo helps to clean up the environment by repurposing old shampoo bottles, old paper and discarded wrapping paper into new games. This means you'll have a lot of fun playing, and it's also healthy for the environment!

Key Features:

  • A chance game
  • Colour matching is a fun and entertaining game.
  • All six chameleon-coloured spots must be collected.
  • There's also a dice that can be customised.
  • Made entirely of recyclable materials


  • Four chameleon cards
  • 24 coloured spots; 4x red, 4x orange, 4x yellow, 4x green, 4x blue and 4x purple
  • One coloured dice

Recommended Age: 36m+

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