Jumbo Honey Yummy

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The Jumbo Honey Yummy is a thrilling and entertaining game for kids. Buzz, buzz, buzz! The bees work cooperatively to fill the beehive with honey by flying from bloom to flower. But be careful! Boris the bear wins if he is successful in obtaining the honey, and he takes all of it! This game is entirely built of recyclable materials. That's fantastic! Jumbo helps to clean up the environment by repurposing old shampoo bottles, old paper, and waste wrapping paper into new games. This means you'll have a lot of fun playing, and it's also healthy for the environment!

Key Features:

  • A cooperative game that is both enjoyable and exciting
  • Before Boris reaches the entrance of the beehive, fill it with honey
  • There's also a dice that can be customised
  • Made entirely of recyclable materials


  • 1 beehive (game board)
  • 8 flower cards
  • 24 plastic drops of honey
  • 4 cardboard bees with a plastic stand
  • 1 cardboard bear with a plastic stand
  • 1 dice

Recommended Age: 4y+

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