Klein Bosch Vacuum Cleaner

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Your Klein Bosch Vacuum Cleaner is ready to have some fun with your child. The "dust particles" (polystyrene balls) can be hoovered repeatedly into the removable dust container because it is battery-powered. The particles whirl around in the transparent container (which cannot be opened), and the kids are enthralled. The vacuum cleaner has accurate sound effects and is a perfect copy of the original. Children enjoy imitating their parents, and this toy allows them to vacuum exactly like their parents! Pretend play fosters creativity and imagination while also teaching children about the world.

Key Features:

  • Toy replica based on the Bosch design
  • A vacuum cleaner that runs on batteries and has a realistic sound and function
  • Hoovering the polystyrene balls requires a lot of suction power
  • To empty the polystyrene balls, remove the dust container
  • With a convenient carrying handle and a floor nozzle hook
  • With a detachable attachment, an ON/OFF switch, a rotary control, and polystyrene balls

Dimensions: 19 x 25 x 74cm

By Klein
Barcode: 4009847068286