Munchkin White Hot Baby Safety Bath Ducky

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The Munchkin White Hot Baby Safety Bath Ducky is a charming vintage bath duck that also serves as a warning when the bathwater is too hot. Simply leave the duck in the water for a minute, and the word HOT will emerge on the bottom if it is too hot. The Munchkin White Hot Duck is watertight, so it will always float and no mould will grow inside.

Key Features

  • Design of a traditional duck
  • If the water is excessively hot, it will sound an alarm
  • In one minute, the temperature will be displayed
  • Floats
  • Easy to hold and watertight

Recommended Age: from birth

Dimensions: 10cm x 7cm x 7cm

SKU: MUNK-L203015
Barcode: 5019090110518