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The NUK Nature Sense Small Teat helps to reduce the challenges of changing from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. To support you in this sensitive phase, NUK has been inspired by nature and has developed a teat that is as close to the mother's breast as never before: the NUK Nature Sense Teat. The innovative teat has several tiny openings instead of just one hole, ensuring your baby's smooth and natural flow. This way your little one feels completely safe and secure and, as a result, can accept the bottle easily.

Key Features:

  • Three tiny openings modelled on a mother's breast give an optimal, smooth and natural flow.
  • Wide, flexible lip rest with an extra-soft teat tip similar to a mother's nipple encourages acceptance.
  • An innovative anti-colic vent helps prevent air from being swallowed.
  • For babies aged 6-18m+.
  • Approved by the Oral Health Foundation.
  • Fits all NUK Nature Sense Baby Bottles.

Recommended Age: 6-18m

Please note: NUK Nature Sense Teats can only be used with NUK Nature Sense Bottles. They do not fit other types of NUK bottles.

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