NUK Wide Neck Latex Teat x2 - Medium Hole

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NUK Wide Neck Latex Teat x2 - Medium Hole is made to suit the baby's mouth exactly and to mimic nursing as nearly as possible. This aids in the proper feeding of the newborn as well as the training of the jaw, palate, tongue, and lips. The NUK anti-colic device prevents colic by allowing air to flow into the bottle rather than the baby's stomach.

Key Features

  • It fits all NUK wide-necked bottles
  • Soft natural latex
  • Orthodontic shape
  • NUK anti-colic system

Contents: 2 teats

Recommended age: Size 2, 6 - 18 months

Hole size: Medium for milk

SKU: NUKB-L201970-0-6m-MediumHole
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