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Plasticine Toolz is a lovely set for imaginative play. Plasticine will undoubtedly call up a slew of memories for both young and elderly people. Plasticine is the first modelling clay, known for its softness and lack of hardening. A timeless classic that may be used in a wide range of applications!

Plasticine is a fun and easy-to-work-with modelling clay. It doesn't shrink or harden, and it may be used over and over. It never gets dry!

Everything you need to make your own Plasticine models is included in the Plasticine Tool Box. Plasticine in seven colours, five shaped cutters, one modelling tool, and one roller are kept in a robust box. The toolz has a carrying handle so you can model on the go! After that, you can put all of your Plasticine materials in your toolz box.

Key Features:

  • 7 huge sticks of coloured plasticine are included
  • Plasticine does not dry out
  • It comes with seven different creative tools
  • It comes in a robust plastic box with a carrying handle and is ideal for making creative shapes with small hands
  • Encourages imagination and creativity
  • Plasticine was invented over a century ago in the United Kingdom by an art teacher

Recommendation Age: 5 yrs+

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