Tomy Toomies Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo

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The Tomy Toomies Peppa Pull & Go Pedalo includes two figurines, Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig, and a floating craft. Apart from jumping in muddy puddles, Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig love nothing better than getting out on the water for a pedalo adventure.

The craft has a simple "motor" trailing behind the pedalo, a floating yellow hoop designed for little hands. A gentle pull is all it needs to draw out the string. Let it go and the pedalo sets off on its journey, swept along by a set of spring-loaded rotating paddles. Peppa and Daddy Pig sit safely on board until it's time to dive in. Each is a soft and squidgy water squirter – dip these Peppa Pig toys in the tub or in any paddling pool, squeeze to top up, then squeeze again to send plumes of water out of their mouths!

Like others in the Toomies range of pre-school products, this pedalo Peppa Pig playset will entertain and educate your child as they grow through key learning stages. From as young as 18 months, your little ones will learn the link between cause and effect when playing with the squirters and exploring how the pedalo gets to move along. All the while, they will be developing their fine motor skills and growing in confidence around water.

Product Features:

  • Join Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig in the tub as they ride their bright yellow pedalo
  • A simple pull-string mechanism sets the paddles and the pedalo in motion
  • Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig can swap seats and also double as water squirters
  • Handling these soft, colourful toys is great for developing motor skills and getting used to being around water

Age recommendation: 18m+

Dimensions: 16 x 21.5 x 15cm

By Tomy
Barcode: 5011666731073