Vtech Myla the Blush and Bloom Unicorn - English Version

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The Vtech Myla the Blush and Bloom Unicorn - English Version is sure to be your little one's new best friend...

Hi, I'm Myla the Blush and Bloom Unicorn! Let's have some fun! My magic wand allows you to become super stylish! Select any colour by pressing the button on my wand and apply it magically to my horn, eyes and wings then watch in amazement as they magically light up in that colour! Make me beautiful by brushing my mane or adding clips to my hair! Blow me a kiss and watch my flower light up. Play music to me and I will dance and glow. When it's time to rest, tuck my legs under and we can share our dreams!

Product Features:

  • Brush mane or add clips to hair
  • Includes clips and comb
  • Blow a kiss and watch the flower in mane bloom
  • Spreads wings in a flapping motion
  • Plays music whilst flashing to the beat
  • Use a magic wand to change eye, horn, hair, wings and flower colour

Age recommendation: 5yrs+

Dimensions: 25.2 x 13.9 x 37.1cm

By Vtech
Barcode: 3417765471032