Vtech Switch & Go Dinos Flare the T-Rex - English Version

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The Vtech Switch & Go Dinos Flare the T-Rex - English Version is a wild and exciting 2-in-1 toy that switches between a fierce T-Rex and a fast car! See cool dino eye and driver animations on the LCD screen! Tilt Flare's head back, or press on the bumper to see Flare shine a cool fire light projection! Doing so will also trigger exciting car and dinosaur sound effects, fun phrases and facts about the T-Rex! Flare will light up with the responses, adding to the excitement! Hear even more great sound effects when Flare moves and switches between a dinosaur and car modes!

Product Features:

  • Switch between a T-Rex and a car
  • Light projects from the dino's mouth and the car's bumper
  • LCD screen displays dino eyes and driver animations
  • Shiny finish, so Flare really stands out
  • Lights up with responses

Age recommendation: 3yrs+

Dimensions: 21.5 x 9.8 x 13.4cm

By Vtech
SKU: VTEC1290-FlareTRex
Barcode: 3417765380037